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Exploring Women Ecopreneurship: A Preliminary Study from Lombok – Indonesia

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Tipo: artículo
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Título: Exploring Women Ecopreneurship: A Preliminary Study from Lombok – Indonesia

Entrepreneurship is offering alternative employment and economic development for a country. From the sustainability perspective, woman ecopreneurs propose an avenue for climate change mitigation and progress toward gender equality. However, there are limited studies about ecopreneurs in Indonesia, especially in the rural areas. This study explores women ecopreneurs in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara province, focusing on the recycling business. The province is ranked as the lowest gender empowerment amongst other provinces in Indonesia. A study of 18 women ecopreneurs found that the recycling industry offers an entry point for women to be entrepreneurs. It requires very minimum capital and opens for women with a minimum level of education.
It can help the women ecopreneurs in feeding the family and sending the children to school. However, society is not welcoming the recycling industry as it is considered dirty. Furthermore, some women ecopreneurs faced sexual harassment. We recommend the partnerhsip between innovative eco-preneurs and traditional recyling women eco-preneurs to sustain the business and promote ecopreneurs in Indonesia.





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Advances in Economics, Business and Management Research, volume 202

Año: 2021

Aportado por: José Carlos Sánchez García

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