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The Moderating Role of Entrepreneurship Education in Shaping the Impact of Internship Quality on Entrepreneurial Intention among Graduate Students of Uva Wellassa University of Sri Lanka

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Driving toward an entrepreneurial career has become popular among young graduates. Even though career aspiration generally molds with the internship experience, this relationship was only tested within the few studies within the Sri Lankan context. For the study, samples were chosen from the Uva Wellassa University and simple random samples were used to identify the exact sample size of the study. Thus, 214 graduates from the Faculty of Management of Uva Wellassa University were subjected to analysis using the PLS-SEM technique. Hence, the study investigates the effectiveness of the Internship Quality on the Entrepreneurial Intention of graduates. Further, it examines the moderating effect of Entrepreneurial Education in an association between Internship Quality and Entrepreneurial Intention. The results reveal that Internship Quality significantly impacts graduates’ Entrepreneurial Intention, and Entrepreneurship Education does not imply a significant moderating effect on the relationship between Internship Quality and Entrepreneurial Intention. The findings of this study recommended for academicians, universities, and policymakers to change the Entrepreneurial Education system to enhance the entrepreneurial motivation of the graduates.


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