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Resilience as a Dimension of Individual Enrepreneurial Orientation

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This study aims to develop, test, and validate a measurement scale for an alternate multidimensional model of individual entrepreneurial orientation (IEO), adding an emerging dimension of resilience to the original entrepreneurial orientation dimensions of innovativeness and proactiveness. Although the entrepreneurial resilience is a well-researched area, no studies which explore resilience as a dimension of individual entrepreneurial orientation exist. The study is based on a sample of 242 management students from the Delhi NCR region of India. The data were analyzed using exploratory factor analysis (EFA) and confirmatory factor analysis. The results show that resilience, innovativeness, and proactiveness explain a significant percentage of variance in individual entrepreneurial orientation. Resilience is depicted in being optimistic, adaptable, perseverant, and having an internal locus of control.

The study’s findings contribute to research by offering an alternative concep-tualization of the IEO construct based on the evolving business context and requirements. Entrepreneurial organizations actively seek employees who have an entrepreneurial orientation (EO). To enhance the career readiness of

young management graduates, being resilient is vital in addition to traditional EO traits. There are no studies available exploring resilience as a dimension of individual entrepreneurial orientation.


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