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Gender stereotype perception, perceived social support and self-efficacy in increasing women’s entrepreneurial intentions

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Women play an essential role in entrepreneurship because they have been able to make social and economic contributions in many countries. However, women continue encountering numerous difficulties when engaging in entrepreneurial activities, particularly from a societal perspective. Therefore, it is necessary to study the underlying factors influencing women’s entrepreneurial intentions that lead to their success in entrepreneurship. This study examines gender stereotype perceptions, perceived social support and self-efficacy in women’s entrepreneurial intentions in Batik micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in West Java, Indonesia.


This study used a quantitative method by randomly distributing questionnaires to women entrepreneurs in the MSME sector in the batik craft industry in the Trusmi area, West Java, Indonesia. The research questionnaire was completed by 150 female entrepreneurs, and a structural equation model-partial least squares (PLS) was employed to examine the hypotheses proposed in this study.


The findings of this study revealed that gender stereotype perception and perceived social support have a positive and significant effect on self-efficacy. Gender stereotype perceptions affect women’s entrepreneurial intentions, both directly and mediated by self-efficacy. Meanwhile, perceived social support has a significant effect on women’s entrepreneurial intention only when it is mediated by self-efficacy.


This study presents empirical evidence on how gender stereotype perception, perceived social support and self-efficacy affect women’s entrepreneurial intentions and establishes a novel conceptual framework for women’s entrepreneurship in emerging economies. This study provides academic and practical implications by identifying the entrepreneurial intentions of women who have carried out entrepreneurial activities. This study also provides direction for policymakers to encourage women’s entrepreneurial intentions.


Hamdani, N.A., Ramadani, V., Anggadwita, G., Maulida, G.S., Zuferi, R. and Maalaoui, A. (2023), “Gender stereotype perception, perceived social support and self-efficacy in increasing women’s entrepreneurial intentions”

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