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Digital business factors affecting characteristics of digital entrepreneurs

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This research aimed (1) to explore factors for digital marketing among entrepreneurs in the digital age; (2) to explore characteristics of entrepreneurs in the digital age; and (3) to study factors for digital marketing that contribute to characteristics of digital entrepreneurs.
The research samples were 324 digital entrepreneurs in the Phayao province. The research instrument used was a questionnaire on digital business factors affecting the characteristics of entrepreneurs in the digital age. The research data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, Pearson correlation, and regression analysis.
The results of the study were as follows:
1) The entrepreneurs’ behavioral practices were dependent on the application of design thinking at a high level (M=3.94, SD=0.87), on the application of Business Model Canvas at a high level (M= 4.11, SD=0.84), and on the application of digital marketing process at a high level (M=3.87, SD=0.96)

2) The characteristic of digital entrepreneurship that most entrepreneurs possessed was uniqueness (M=4.17, SD=0.84)

3) The three factors for digital business, namely design thinking, Business Model
Canvas, and digital marketing, had a multiple correlation with the characteristics of entrepreneurs in the digital age with the statistical significance at the .05 level. The predictive power was 64.80, and the following was the regression equation.

Characteristics of entrepreneurship in the digital age = 0.703 + 0.400 (Digital marketing) + 0.232 (Business Model Canvas) + 0.175 (Design thinking)
Zcharacteristics of entrepreneurs in the digital age = 0.456 Zdigital marketing + 0.244 ZBusiness Model Canvas + 0.181 Zdesign thinking.


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