Creativity Climate: An Analysis of Measurement Scales

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Creativity Climate: An  Analysis of  Measurement Scales

Creativity is considered essential for the survival and competitiveness of organizations in work contexts, as it is positively associated with innovation and performance. The emergence of creativity happens when the person has certain characteristics, skills, and knowledge in a specific domain, works intrinsically motivated, and realizes that the work environment is supportive. It is a complex construct, necessary to define it conceptually and specify its level of measurement. In this chapter, we analyzed the psychometric properties of measures focusing on conditions for creativity published in English. We discussed the possibility of using them by researchers and managers, considering the scales: (a) Creative Climate Questionnaire (Ekvall, 1996), (b) Measure of the Climate for Creativity (Isaksen et al., 1999), (c) KEYS (Amabile et al., 1996), (d) Creative Environment Perceptions (Mayfield and Mayfield, 2010), and (e) Indicators of Conditions to Create in the Workplace (Bruno-Faria et al., 2018). The analyses of the scales show that they have psychometric quality, and their possibilities of use are discussed.


  • Heila Magali da Silva Veiga
  • Pedro Afonso Cortez

Publicación: Assessing Organizational Behaviors pp 173-189

Año: 2021

  • Print ISBN978-3-030-81310-9
  • Online ISBN978-3-030-81311-6

Aportado por: José Carlos Sánchez García

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