The Influence of Ethnic Media Marketing on Entrepreneurial Opportunity Structure of Ethnic Entrepreneurship: The dynamics of Indian diaspora in Australia

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Tipo: Tesis Doctoral
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The Influence of Ethnic Media Marketing on Entrepreneurial Opportunity Structure of Ethnic Entrepreneurship: The dynamics of Indian diaspora in Australia



The study explores the influence of ethnic media marketing on seeking entrepreneurial opportunities by Indian ethnic entrepreneurs in Australia, where the Indian diaspora is very active. The marketing approaches designed with ethnic media to assist those entrepreneurs to pursue entrepreneurial opportunities are examined. The key research problem is stated as: How do Indian ethnic entrepreneurs engage in ethnic media to gain entrepreneurial success? The study utilises the lens of a theoretical framework that is built on the Interactive Model of Ethnic Entrepreneurship Success and Communication Accommodation Theory. The new theoretical framework reveals the process of entrepreneurial success of ethnic entrepreneurship gained through ethnic media marketing, a media made by or for ethnic communities to serve their specific needs. The study offers insights into how ethnic media marketing strengthens the opportunity structure of ethnic entrepreneurship in Australia, and in India. The study also throws light on developing and maintaining ethnic networks through ethnic media for entrepreneurial success.

Guided by the pragmatism research paradigm, this study utilises a mixed-methods research approach, with a survey and interviews. The survey, involving 193 Indian ethnic entrepreneurs, helps examine the dynamic relationships between ethnic media marketing and the entrepreneurial opportunity structure in the ethnic consumer market, ethnic networks, and innovative and international business opportunities. Follow-up interviews with 30 Indian ethnic entrepreneurs further strengthened, validated, and explained the findings of the survey. SPSS 27 and AMOS 27 software, and NVivo 12 software were used for analysing quantitative and qualitative data, respectively. The theoretical framework is based on a ten-factor structure using a structural equation model and four themes extracted from the qualitative data. The thesis finds that marketing through ethnic media is an ethnicity-based strategic approach adopted by ethnic entrepreneurs to influence the entrepreneurial opportunity structure. Ethnic influence, created through ethnic attributes and ethnic language media, ensures the trust of ethnic consumers by stimulating a sense of emotional belonging with those ethnic entrepreneurs who share similar cultural, ethnic, and linguistic backgrounds. Ethnic entrepreneurs’ ethnic promotions and ethnic public relations nurture a common ethnic identity among real and virtual networks by stimulating their sense of pride and sense of belonging to a similar social group. The digitalisation of ethnicity through digital ethnic media for executing ethnic promotions leads ethnic entrepreneurs to introduce innovation into their products, services and marketing practices and to reach new markets in Australia and in their homeland country. The ethnic entrepreneurs revitalise the influence of ethnicity, using ethnic language media to meet the unique ethnic and cultural needs of their Indian consumers. This ethnicity-based approach, executed through ethnic media, helps them sustain their competitive market position in India.

The present study proposes a new theoretical framework which merges entrepreneurship and marketing study-domains. The framework postulates ethnic media marketing as a significant construct which explains entrepreneurial success of ethnic entrepreneurship. The thesis extends the existing understanding on the marketing approaches of ethnic entrepreneurs. It offers insights into ethnicity-based strategies executed through ethnic media that help ethnic entrepreneurs to win the trust of ethnic consumer markets using innovative product offerings, services, and marketing approaches. The findings also reveal how ethnic entrepreneurs engage ethnic media marketing to shape the dynamics of ethnic networks for seeking entrepreneurial opportunities. The results also reveal ethnic media marketing approach of ethnic entrepreneurs for sustaining their competitive market position in their home country.

The thesis has practical implications for ethnic and mainstream businesses in Australia by:

❖ Revealing the significance of effective ethnic marketing strategies, delivered through relevant ethnic language media to win the trust of ethnic consumer markets.

❖ Revealing the adoption of digital ethnic media and online engagement with community groups for nurturing a sense of community belonging and to introduce innovativeness in products, services, and marketing practices that target the ethnic consumer market. 

❖ Highlighting the influence of an ethnicity-based target market approach, using ethnic language media to target ethnic consumer segments of the home market.

In addition, the thesis has implications for policymakers by identifying effective strategies and relevant ethnic media to communicate messages successfully to the Indian diaspora. The study is also useful for understanding the significance of ethnic identity and ethnicity in creating an influence on Indian ethnic consumers, ethnic networks, and local Indian consumer market segments in India.


Amandeep Sehmi


School of Business, Law and Entrepreneurship Swinburne University of Technology

Año: 2022

Aportado por: José Carlos Sánchez García

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