Accelerating Internet Development To Gain Opportunities and Benefits By Utilizing Electric Power Networks For Impacted Economic Communities in Komodo Island, Indonesia

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Accelerating Internet Development To Gain Opportunities and Benefits By Utilizing
Electric Power Networks For Impacted Economic Communities in Komodo Island,

Joko Siswanto1

& Ezequiel Herruzo2

Indonesia Comnets Plus, Bali, Indonesia, 2 Universidad de Córdoba, España

Utilization of electricity infrastructure installed on the pile poles owned by PLN, by paying attention to
electricity and safety standards, the use of asset self-management is in line with the company’s commitments
and goals in flowing electricity throughout the country. By optimizing this infrastructure, it certainly
increases the value of tshe company and supports economic growth in the district of Labuan Bajo, West
Manggarai, Flores.
The use of FTTx telecomunications technology supports the installation of systems or machines every time
the electricity network is connected. Devices FTTx function as a communication network via fiberoptic
installed under the electricity network. The marketing scheme for the utilization of electricity infrastructure
and the utilization of fiberoptic networks can be used to meet the needs of internet connections. Electricity
and the Internet are the basic needs of today’s digital diera society and allow to the entrepreneurship
everywhere. With a national electricity ratio targeted at 99.9%, the national average electricity consumption
reaches 1,142 kWh / capita in 2020 comparable to the growth of internet consumption reaching 171 million
people in 2019. With the ownership status of these infrastructure assets to implement utilization in other
sectors, support the achievement of the company’s revenue reaches 2% -3% per year. This paper shows the
experience of PLN to implements this hibrid-network and, also, some initiatives to the entrepreneurship
based on the knoledge society and emergen technologies.
KEY WORDS: Komodo island, fttx, beyond kwh meter, revenue sharing, fiber optic,.

Komodo Island is located in Labuan Bajo, West Manggarai, NTT, Indonesia is one of the leading tourist
destinations that skyrocketed with a number of charms of natural beauty comparable to tourist destinations
in Indonesia such as Bali Island, Wakatobi Island, and Raja Ampat Island. As well as tourist destinations
in other countries such as the Palawan Island of the Philippines, Hilton Island South Carolina, Ischia Island
Italy, Kauai Island Hawaii, Maldives Island. Komodo Island is one of the seven wonders of the world with
a natural charm that is very beautiful. The data of tourist visitors during the last year before the covid-19
pandemic showed that the February-March 2019 period was 2,316 people to 5,536 in the same period in

  1. The increasing tourist visiting power of both local and international tourists to Labuhan Bajo is in
    line with the Indonesian government’s work plan in advance the charm of tourism in the region.
    Infrastructure development in the West Manggarai region, especially the premium area of Labuan Bajo,

continues to be improved starting from the means of air, sea and land transportation which at least cost a
Infrastructure in this case covers the physical and social aspects, which become a basic physical need for
organizing the system needed to ensure the social economy of the public and private sectors as services and
facilities needed for the economy to function properly. Not only physically, non-physical infrastructure is
developed and improved on an ongoing basis. The achievement of infrastructure success is expected to be
able to achieve success in all lines of society, in this case, from the bottom up to the top businesses such as
MSMEs, hospitality, education, goverment, and tourism.
PLN with subsidiaries are present in the community to provide a positive impact on electricity and ICT.
Indonesia’s electricity access data reached 99.48%, a significant increase compared to the 2019 position of
98.89%, a sharp increase from the previous five years of 84%. Shows that the community feels the benefits
of access to electricity. The level of electrical ratio is directly proportional to the level of need for access to
the use of internet-based technology. In the digital age the need for internet access as a technology has a
big impact on almost all aspects of life so that all information can be distributed and accessed easily from
anywhere. In supporting the government’s work program, PLN also attended the restructuring of the
electricity distribution network in the premium region especially in Labuan Bajo, Manggarai West. Not
only for electricity but also ICT technology.
Transforming digital technology in developing existing market potential by owning physical infrastructure
assets by optimizing methods, one of the biggest advantages needed by the company in meeting customer
needs quickly and accurately. Sourced from in 2020, technology companies won market control
for 10 years before being negotiated by the oil energy and machinery manufacturing sector.
Table. 1 Top List Company Base Technology in World

Rank Company Country Market

(billions of U.S. dollars)
1 Apple United States 961 374
2 Samsung Electronics South Korea 272 304
3 Microsoft United States 947 259
4 Alphabet United States 863 233
5 Intel United States 263 128
PLN is the only state-owned enterprise in the power sector and ensures that everyone throughtout Indonesia
has access to electricity. The electricity network is connected from one substation to the connecting
substation which is installed through a single line diagram system, the connecting media is still using
concrete poles or steel pellets which are installed on the road. Having electricity resource assets located in
the territory of Indonesia is very beneficial for the subsidiary, in this case a subsidiary, for the utilization of
electricity assets that are regulated in PP ESDM No. 048/2006 concerning Utilization of Electric Power
Networks for the benefit of Telecommunications, Multimedia and Information and Kepdir No.

282.K/DIR/2009 concerning Provisions on the Utilization of Electricity Assets of PT PLN for the Interest
of Telecommunications, Multimedia and Information Technology (Telematics).
Through ICON + is subsidiary of PLN, the ownership of electricity assets provides a breakthrough in the
field of technology in order to meet market needs and the development of information technology oriented
to economies of scale on market needs. The customers of PLN in various industry, goverment, tourism,
education, and household sectors were more than 70 million customers by 2020, and will continue in line
with a regional demographic growth. This supports massive optimization of existing market shares. Which
old and new customers will be targeted as potential customers through the transformation of technology
needed by customers in the presence of internet needs. Because this is one of the opportunities where
customers not only need access to electricity but the need for the internet to meet needs such as easy access
to information in real time, a learning process for the community, then is more importance is sosial media
The level of need and ease of the internet in this digital era provides profit opportunities not only for the
community but also the tourism sector. In this case the target is the sector in Labuan Bajo, NTT. The
characteristics of wisataman are according to perceptions regarding fulfillment, facilitate internet and
transportation. While the accommodation statistics in 2017 recorded 423 businesses, increased in 2018 to
496 businesses, this is comparable to the level of tourist visits through the airport with an average level, in
August 2017 was 289,540 with an average stay of 2.0 days, a sharp increase in August 2018 there were
376,600 tourists with an average stay of 2.2 days, an increase decreased in August 2019 with 352,680
tourists with an average stay of 2.06 days.
Estimated income derived from the digital platform from tourists is the number of tourists staying per room,
the standard package issued per day is Rp 100,000, – an income of Rp 17.634.000.000,00 per year is
calculated from the average tourist in 2019. This means an increase in income of 2-3% per year. Where
the number of customers in NTT in 2015, 2016, 2017 the number of 651.045, 662.058, 687.961 with an
increase of 3% then in 2019 was 729.239. The income obtained if the average consumption of kwh per
customer is 100 at Rp 100.000,00 per month, a value of Rp 875.086.392.000,00 per year is obtained.
Opportunities obtained by companies in supporting the provision of the internet in the era of digital
transformation, one of which is supporting financial networks from upstream to downstream, supporting
the growth of the people’s economy, increasing local revenue. For companies is a double opportunity that
benefits by sharing the benefits between participants of the tour with the platform that has been developed.
The main goal of the company is to deliver every electricity access to the community . The use of FTTx
design technology supports the application of kwh meter machine installation every time the electricity
network is connected. FTTx works as a communication network through optical fibers installed under the
electricity network. Marketing schemes for the utilization of electricity infrastructure and utilization of
optical networks can be used to meet the needs of internet connections. Besides fulfilling these main
objectives, the network internet infrastructure is used to with a digital platform that supports the tourism
sector of Labuan Bajo. Related the benefit is increase in income 2 – 3% per year

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